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Alan Watson,The Landscape Gardener

Garden Design

The right garden for the right place.

Please enjoy my design gallery.

If you have made it to here, then I hope you have enjoyed the variety within my designs! Like every home will look nice inside with a lick of paint, and some nice furniture, there is always just the right paint, and the right furniture for every style of home. And if you could have it, I expect that you most probably would. The same could be said about the garden. The right design will bring to life an old dreary place, or add that finishing touch, to that which was not quite right before.

Of course perhaps your garden is already beautiful, it's just that you fancy having a new look; This is where I come in. I'm always looking for a challenge, for a design to make a garden unique but enduring. It's wonderful to see the potential of the garden. Working along side yourself, your desires, budget, and lifestyle, I can give you a design that will work best for you and your home!

Give me a call and I will be glad to help bring your ideas to life. Please feel free to write down any ideas that you may have already, or if there are any designs you have seen in magazines, again, feel free to keep any pictures you find. I will then spend time with you making sure you get what you want!

Prices will be discussed before any design is undertaken and when you are happy we will go ahead. As you can appreciate every garden is different in size and need. Therfore all designs are priced accordingly.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.