Alan Watson,The Landscape Gardener

That’s me with my two girls, Leaonie and Ashleigh having a mint break. My wife is the one taking the picture, As she doesn't like having her photo taken ;)

I have always had a passion for the outdoors, Nature, life, creation. It is all wonderful to me! So it is a real privilege to be able to be a landscape gardener, and to have my passions expressed in the work I do. I love my life and my job is a great part of it!

I have been a landscape gardener now for over seventeen years, and I have worked for myself since 2008.

Almost every garden you see on my portfolio page I have designed and created completely myself! Each one being different and unique, always meeting the customer’s needs. Those that I haven’t personally designed(which are only a few) I have created for the customer from the designs they have given me, and of coarse adding that passion that I love to put into my own designs, giving them always my best. I hope my portfolio page gallery shows you the enthusiasm I express in creating gardens for my customers. To show it is a satisfaction, here is a picture of my own garden.

It is actually clean and tidy and is never a Chore,but a joy to work on. Behind the conifers I have a veg area and keep 6 chickens . They are divas, but great fun!

Anyway I look forward to hearing from you and Hope I can create you a garden you will enjoy for years to come!

I am also the author of the book Depression: The way I think, the way I feel. It is available on Amazon and many other book stores worldwide. Please feel free to go to my other web page, , to learn more about this. If you fancy, then please like the page and share it. I don’t have too much time to promote this, due to being so busy creating beautiful gardens (which I am very grateful for!), so every like and share helps. Thank you so much!

Days of work

Mon-fri 8am till 4.30pm

Saturdays, Available for quotes, Designs etc

Sunday, Gone to Church.